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Welcome to Joie de Vie (the joy of life!), our 19 year old online catalog.  Featuring holistic approaches and natural skin care, we have many paraben free, chemically safe, eco-responsible skin care and make up products to offer.  It's a new era in the skin care industry as consumers demand safe, healthful products!  We have had eco-friendly cosmetics for over 20 years.  Whether by mail worldwide or daily delivery in the Portland Oregon area, you can enjoy these results-oriented skin care and color products by coming in to visit us, having facials or safe chemical peels, waxing and make up services.  You will notice the site is under some make over action of its own,  but products continue shipping so take a look around!  Phone Owner, Esthetician, Joy-Marie, Call (503)747-3894 (Pacific Time Zone) between 10am and 6pm weekdays,  for help selecting appropriate products for your complexion, your family or for a gift. Having offered mail order delivery of our products to our customers for over 26 years, your products will arrive in a timely manner!  Phoning us insures the fastest delivery so make yourself a list of the items you wish to order today and Call us!  It'll be shipping within 24 hours! 

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